Life and Taking Pictures

Few days ago, I had dinner with my cousin and nieces who were born and raised abroad and are in the country for a month-long vacation. We chose a particular restaurant which serves native foods so they can have a taste of the traditional home-cooked meals.

In the restaurant, two tables beside us were occupied by teenage boys and girls who were giggling and having fun. They seemed to be a happy bunch. It appeared they were celebrating a special occassion. I counted four different cameras which were passed on to whoever would volunteer to take pictures. Stolen shots were taken. After each click, they would eagerly see the camera screen… and complain. “Oh, my pimples! Can we take have another shot? Please don’t focus on my pimples.” “Oh no, my fat belly is too obvious in the picture. Can we have another shot, please?” So, more and more pictures were taken. The group posed in wacky poses. Some smiled. Some stuck their tongue out. Some made face. Some raised their hands. One of them triend to hide her pimples by posing at a certain angle. The chubby girl tried to hide her belly by standing behind a seated friend. When they looked at the camera screen after the pictures were taken, they seemed satisfied.

When people take our pictures, some of us try to pose in an angle which we think will make us look prettier or a little thinner than we actually appear or in such a way that things such as pimples or fat belly or unruly hair or blemished skin will not be very obvious. But the fact remains that the pimples or the fat belly or the unruly hair or the blemished skin are still there. They exist no matter how we hide or cover them in pictures. Life is like having our picture taken. We often pose in a manner we want to be seen. But when stolen shots are taken, they capture who we really are.


One Response to Life and Taking Pictures

  1. Sophiagurl says:

    i couldn’t agree more. but then if you can get away with it…why not? how have you been? hope you’re doing well. God bless!

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