There are many ways to friendship. In today’s busy and hurried world, instant relationships have been built through the internet. People “meet” online. People become friends online. And blogging is one of the most common avenue where people get to know each other, form a certain kind of bond, and in many cases establish good friendship.

I have been blogging here for many months now. But admittedly, I have not been a “regular” blogger. I only post here whenever the mood strikes or whenever I have extra time because most often than not I am buried among different kinds of work. With this blog, I just want to let out some of my thoughts and to practice my English as I am not a native speaker of the language nor was I taught to speak English at home.

When some good souls started leaving comments, I was thrilled. I mean, who wouldn’t? There are millions and millions of blogs out there but these good souls chose to linger a little longer at my blog and were kind enough to leave a comment or share their thoughts on my posts. So now I have a few online blogging friends. I guess this is one of the perks a person gets for publishing her thoughts online.

Today, I am celebrating another perk—the Cool Cat Award—bestowed upon me by Ida, whose blog radiates hope and love for life. I do not know if I truly deserve this award but I am accepting it. Thank you very much, Ida. Sorry for posting this late.

I think I am allowed to pass this award on to other cool bloggers so I am passing this on to all the people in my blogroll whom I think are also cool: sophiagurl, jan, rebecca, and ross.


10 Responses to Cool!

  1. Author says:

    I am so thrilled to get a cool cat award.

    I’m not sure I’m deserving either but who cares – I love it! Thanks.

    Now all I’ve got to do is get it in my side bar!!!!! This could take some time.

  2. […] cream, I’m positively purring, because I’ve had a Cool Cat Award bestowed upon me bystillwaters. Now getting an award is just great but when you get it from someone who’s writing you really […]

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you my dear stillwaters 😉 for this very cool award. I got this one previously so I will just add your name as one of the givers.

    Have a wonderful and blessed week 🙂 Take care always!

  4. ross says:

    Oh wow!! **purrss

    Thank you for this award. I know I haven’t updated my blog site yet but having friends like you makes me feel: “I still exist!”

    You really deserve the Cool Cat award!

  5. ida says:

    hi, i hope you could share a story on faith based on a personal experience. god bless.

  6. Sophiagurl says:

    wow! how could I miss this, an award for me! thank you dear. I have not been as regular myself and have not visited blogs for months now, but it was really pleasant to drop by and receive an award from you. =D

    Have a great week ahead!

  7. mistyeiz says:

    hi! u’ve been quiet for awhile – busy? hope u can upload some pix of your postcards. 🙂

  8. sunny says:

    Hi Still waters

    reading this blog make me realise how right you are. We are all so busy in our lives that hardly have time to make any relationships through our various interactions with the world. We’re all chasing our own dreams and so passionate or determined abt this pursuit that forget to stop and take a breath and appreciate the world around us. For me the fear that keeps me going is that if i stop, i’ll be alone, as the worls won’t stop with me and i’ll be left behind.

    But this new phenomenen of blogging seems to have put life back in all of us. We say wat we think as we do not fear condescending thoughts or prejudice on the part of strangers. We are not judged based on our appearance but rather on wat lies underneath. then again this can be very miss leading too.

  9. sunny says:

    thanks for the wish and it wasn’t belated coz 23rd is my bday 🙂
    also thanks for thinking that i sound mature, but some complain that i may be too serious in my blogs, but the way i see it is my blog is my only outlet for my true emotions when i’m frustrated coz in real life i’m the most bubliest person u’ll ever meet 🙂 but then again coz i have to live up to this tag of always being “bubbly” it gets tiresome at times to not be able to express ur frustrations or disappointments.

    and yes i do wish u get the time to update ur blog more so that we can read more about ur thoughts and takes on different things 🙂

  10. chuva says:

    Hello! I was reading my archives and I found a comment from you way back in 2007 about my trip to Shanghai. I thought I’d pay you a visit but it seems like you have stopped blogging. 😦

    I hope you do decide to come back because you do write well….

    Ingat and God Bless!


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