About Stillwaters

Stillwaters is a young lady who writes about how most of us see life, on the surface and beneath.  Life for her is like still waters: sometimes its placid, quiet, and calm in the surface while it is stirring, swirling about, and running beneath. She is inspired by the simple things she sees every day and by her simple everyday experiences. And she takes pride on being a country mouse, often tracing her steps back to her home province called Northern Samar.


4 Responses to About Stillwaters

  1. ros says:

    Looking at your header’s image and blog’s description makes my mind rest like a dew on top of a leaf…marvelous!

    Thank you. It means a lot that those words came from you, an accomplished blogger who is admired by her readers.

  2. Helena says:

    I love your picture, it reminds me of being in the caribbean, the color of the ocean such a pretty blue.

  3. stillwaters says:

    Thank you, Helena.
    I spent most of my childhood years near a splendid beach that’s why I love the blue ocean.

  4. rainier says:

    I’m Rainier. Reyna Elena’s boyfriend. I was told by Reyna to check Still Waters.


    Nice waters!


    I really the theme!


    *I think I’m gonna like it here!*

    I’ll tell Reyna to put you on her earlinks.

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